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Biology Breakthroughs of 2022

Codon: Life is Infinitely Weird, Eh?

Codon: Biology's Promise

Cocaine from Tobacco Plants: Index #77

6000+ Phages with CRISPR: Index #76

Control Genes with Light: Index #75

Synthetic Biology in the Real World: Index #74

Five Gene Therapy Trials (The Medicine Issue): Index #73

A New Family of CRISPR Proteins: Index #72

Resurrecting Ancient Rubiscos: Index #71

DNA from Ancient Greek Soldiers: Index #70

Phage Therapy Saves Toddler's Life: Index #69

Engineered AAVs Target Muscle: Index #68

About That Nature Protocells Paper: Index #67

$2 Billion to Build the Bioeconomy

Nine Epigenetic Editing Tools: Index #66

Fancy French Cheese Made with Microbes

David Baker Launches Vilya with $50 Million

Ribosomes Make Ribosomes Outside a Cell: Index #65

Synthetic Embryo, sans Egg & Sperm: Index #64

Two Years of Codon

CRISPR Can Cut Proteins, Too: Index #63

Plant Engineering Lags A Decade Behind: Index #62

Hacking Photosynthesis

Recoding the Human Genome for Viral Resistance: Index #61

Journalists Miss on AlphaFold News

Prime-Edited Labrador Retrievers: Index #60

Timing Genetic Events

DNA Origami Ratchet: Index #59

Neural Network Made with Proteins: Index #58

Microbial Community Capsules: Index #57

Humanized Glycolysis Pathway in Yeast: Index #56

Artificial Chromosomes in Mice Persist Over 3+ Generations: Index #55

A Curious Fluke: Biotech Papers Include Placeholder Text, Like 'XXX'

A Button, Under the Skin, Releases Insulin from Electro-Sensing Cells

A 16th-Century E. Coli Genome: Codon Index #54

Directed Evolution Tool Doesn't Work: Preprint —Codon Index #53

Reproducible Data is Hard. Use Robots: Codon Index #52

Phage Genome Built in One Tube: Codon Index #51

Pig-to-Human Kidney Transplants: Codon Index #50

Phage Therapy Treats Resistant Lung Infection: Codon Index #49

Microbial Proteins, at Scale, to Curb Deforestation, CO2 Emissions: Codon Index #48

Light Triggers Synthetic Cells to Talk: Codon Index #47

AI-Designed Enzyme Eats Plastic

This Protein is 10x Better Than GFP: Codon Index #46

AI Offers Poisons, People Make Decisions

Ancient Rubiscos, Resurrected in Bacteria: Codon Index #45

Gene Editing Prevents Blindness in Mice: Codon Index #44

$180M for Anti-Aging Biotech & CRISPR Patent Appeal: Codon News #20

Genetic circuits control microbial communities

At Last, A Complete Human Genome: Codon Index #43

Flexible CRISPR System & Ginkgo Earnings Call: Codon News #19

De-Extinction's Problem is Not the Act, but the Abandonment

A Breakthrough in Protein Design: Codon Index #42

Hemophilia Gene Therapy Success & Biotech Funding Surge - Codon News #18

Microbial Cocoon Helps Cells Penetrate, Shrink Tumors

Probing Life's Genetic Limits — Codon Index #41

Microscopic traffic: Engineered protein motors walk on DNA

New Sequencer Reads 1 Billion Nucleotides for $5

Deep Learning Predicts Expression from DNA Sequence - Codon Index #40

Cell Crunch is now

Extinct Christmas Island Rat Genome Sequenced; Plans for De-Extinction

Gene Therapy Priced at $2M, Age Differs Across the Body

Cell Crunch Index (#63)

Quorum Sensing in Mammalian Cells & A Burden-Proof Genetic Circuit

Berkeley Loses CRISPR Case

Cell Crunch Index (#60)

Electronics Meet Microbes: Tiny 'Smart' Pill Senses Gut Inflammation

Carbon-Negative Chemicals, Eli Lilly Plans $700M Boston Institute, Top 10 Biotech IPOs

Cell Crunch Index (#57)

Meat From Air, Synthego Raises $200M (Cell Crunch #56)

Controlling the Brain with Ultrasound (Cell Crunch #55)

Cell Crunch Index (#54)

Woolly Mammoth Patents (Cell Crunch #53)

Controlling Worms with Light (Cell Crunch #52)

Cell Crunch Index (#51)